Client Reviews: 3 Top Tips When Asking for Feedback

3 Top Tips When Asking for Feedback

1. Make it clear how much you value feedback.

Advisers sometimes view asking clients for reviews in a similar way to asking for a favour. However, if you make clear how much you value feedback, and let people know that you are happy for anyone to review you at any stage, it actually becomes a benefit to the client. It not only implies that you are consistently upholding your customer service standards but also encourages a trustworthy business relationship.

It’s also a great opportunity for them to express their satisfaction with your service or to offer feedback on how you could further support them.  

2. Use the opportunity to showcase all your other great reviews.

If you've just met a prospect for the first time, letting them know that they can read your reviews online, and leave their own feedback for you, is a great way to give them confidence that you'll do a great job for them.  

By showing prospects your public feedback, you could gain a great amount of confidence in the valuable work that you do from the get-go.

For example, you could try saying or writing something like: 

"As I mentioned on our call, client feedback is really important to us. We invite everyone to review us, at any stage - even after the first meeting. I’d love to get your feedback when you have a moment. You can write your review here at:… (and you can read my other reviews there too!)"

3. Ask for feedback at all stages of the client relationship.

You can ask for a 'First Impression' review from a prospect that you've just met, but you can also ask them for a more complete client review once you've completed any initial piece(s) of work for them. 

Asking for feedback regularly demonstrates to clients that you care about providing an excellent service on an ongoing basis

You can also then ask for annual 'follow up' reviews too! One great way to do this is to build it into your annual meeting process so that when you meet clients for their review, you can ask them for feedback.

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