13 tips to make the most out of being a VouchedFor Top Rated Adviser 2023

Featuring in VouchedFor's 2023 Top Rated Financial Adviser Guide is testament to the great job you’re doing for your clients during these uncertain times. As decided by...your clients.

This article gives you 13 tips to help you make the most of your Top Rated status throughout the year and build confidence at every interaction with prospects, clients and peers. 

Before we dive into the tips, here are 4 principals to observe in sharing your Top Rated status:

1. The adviser tables in the guide were compiled by VouchedFor, based on all your excellent client reviews, NOT by The Times. It's important not to confuse consumers by implying The Times created the tables so please use the words 'distributed in The Times' if referencing their involvement.

2. There have been a couple of tweets that mention being part of a 'Top 250' list, we haven't run this since 2016. Please note that every adviser in the guide is a 'VouchedFor Top Rated Adviser 2023' and the title of the guide is 'VouchedFor's 2023 Top Rated Financial Adviser Guide.'

3. Top Rated advisers have received a minimum of 10 excellent clients reviews (averaging 4.5* or higher) since January 2022, have a 4.5* or higher all-time client rating and have passed all of the extensive checks that form part of VouchedFor's fully verified membership. You must stay fully verified, and subject to our checks and monitoring, to feature in the Guide and access the tools.

4. Championing transparency and building reviews is not a one-off exercise. The most successful advisers on VouchedFor are those who consistently invite every prospect and client to review them. This reassures people you are committed to great service, generating more referrals from your clients and increasing your conversion rate

Here are 13 ideas to make the most of being a VouchedFor Top Rated Adviser in the year ahead!

1. Frame a copy of the Guide and put it in your office. The Guide will be published on March 18th.

2. Make full use of the Top Rated tools included within your membership. You can find these under the ' Reputation Tools' tab in your VouchedFor account. They include:

  • Top Rated Certificate. You now have access to your personalised certificate that lets everyone know you are a 2023 Top Rated Adviser. We recommend sharing this with prospects, clients and professional contacts. Here are some ideas....
    • Frame it and put it on your desk or wall
    • Attach it to emails
    • Post it on social media
    • Add copies to prospect and client packs
  • Top Rated Report. This offers background information to support your inclusion in the guide, e.g. checks passed and reviews received and updates with every new review that you receive. You can....
    • Give this to prospects in meetings
    • Attach it to emails
    • Add copies to prospect and client packs
  • Top Rated Email Signatures. This shows anyone you contact that your clients think you're great!
  • Top Rated Zoom Background. You now have a Zoom background that you can use in prospects or clients meetings.
  • Additional Top Rated Reputation Tools. These include a social media image and LinkedIn cover photo.

3. Make the most of any additional tools purchased through our web store. These tools include:

  • Top Rated Trophy. This glass trophy, engraved with your name shows the fact you are a Top Rated Adviser 2023. 
    • Put it in your office (perhaps behind your desk so people can see it on Zoom calls!)
    • Take a photo of your 2023 Top Rated trophy and share it with prospects and clients on social media. Top Tip: set your trophy against a dark background when taking photos
  • Top Rated Mugs. Show off your achievement with a celebratory cup of tea in our new, limited edition, ceramic mugs.
  • Newsprint copies of the Guide. These can be shared with prospects, clients and other professionals throughout the year. 
    • Give this to prospects and clients in meetings
    • Add to a waiting room table
    • Add copies to prospect and client packs

4. Invite clients to refer friends to you using the VouchedFor referral tool. This powerful tool thanks your clients for leaving a review and helping you qualify as a Top Rated Adviser and encourages them to refer friends to you! Knowing you are Top Rated will give your clients much more confidence to refer to you and will give the people they refer much more confidence to get in touch.

N.B. 34% of recipients will forward the email to more than one friend!

5. Write a letter to your clients thanking them for the reviews that contributed to you qualifying as a Top Rated Adviser, a great way to generate more referrals.

6. After it is published on March 18th, take pictures of your guide listing and share them on social media 

7. Tag your firm and colleagues on social media and reference on your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles that you are a 'VouchedFor 2023 Top Rated Adviser' based on your excellent client reviews.

8. Write a blog post about your inclusion, perhaps pick out a case study or two from within your client reviews. 

9. Share your VouchedFor profile, which has ‘Top Rated 2023’ written on it. This also ranks highly on Google, so people doing their due diligence on you can easily see your great reviews!

10. Add your appearance in the guide to your website - Awards page, About Us page, Intranet etc.

11. Access the recordings and resources from our 2023 Top Rated webinar

12. Send a press release to your local media to drum up awareness of your qualification in the local area.

13. Share the news with professional contacts to help generate referrals.

  • Give professional connections peace of mind that you care about great service and that you will maintain visibility on the experience of anyone they refer.
  • Include data points in due diligence forms for Solicitors looking to recommend you as an adviser. Powerful statistics include your total reviews, your reviews for the service required by the client, the checks we do that you’ve passed and the fact that you invite every prospect and client to leave feedback. You can see this in action in this example due diligence statement for Solicitors.

Need help with any of the above? Call us on 0203 111 0580 or email customer_service@vouchedfor.co.uk.

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