What checks do VouchedFor run?

Passing our checks is a large part of the VouchedFor standard

We now run more checks than any other adviser directory or industry body, here's our current list:

  1. We check advisers have the appropriate permissions to practice from their regulators or accreditation bodies (FCA, ACCA, ACA, SRA and more!). 
  2. We require advisers to certify their independent status, service by service
  3. We check advisers’ location and contact details
  4. We require advisers to upload certificates for their qualifications 
  5. We spot-check qualifications to ensure they are genuine and check every qualification for Pension Transfer Specialists
  6. We check advisers’ client reviews are genuine using an algorithm and other means
  7. We spot-check each 10th review that is submitted onto the site
  8. We ask consumers who submit an enquiry to an adviser on VouchedFor to leave a first impression review of their experience. 
  9. We encourage advisers to publish their fees
  10. We monitor complaints and news outlets
  11. We track client outcomes, e.g. how many are happy and get the help they need, (currently 60% give us feedback)

We're always looking for ways to improve our checks, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please do let us know!

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