2024 Guide to Top Rated advisers: The Mail on Sunday

When is the next edition of the Guide being published?

The regional edition of the 2024 Top Rated Adviser Guide will be distributed on Sunday 9th June in The Mail on Sunday.

The next national edition of the Guide will be distributed on Saturday 7th September in The Daily Telegraph

What is a regional edition of the Guide?

This upcoming edition will be a regional Guide.  

We’ll be celebrating the Top Rated Advisers in eight regions of the UK:

  1. Greater London
  2. South East England
  3. South West England
  4. Central England
  5. East of England
  6. North East England
  7. North West England, Scotland and Wales
  8. Northern Ireland

This means that you’ll be positioned more prominently in front of your most relevant clients. 

How are the regions decided?

The regions are limited by the distribution regions used by The Mail on Sunday.  

They work using a number of distribution hubs which align with ‘TV Regions’ - and don’t always align exactly to geographic regions.  Essex, for example, falls across two TV regions: ‘Greater London’ and ‘East England’

Some distribution hubs span national borders (for example, Scotland and England, and Wales and England).  As such, it’s not possible to segment those geographies.

The shop nearest me has the wrong Guide

It’s possible, if you live close to the border of two regions, that your nearest shop might fall in a region different from that which you’re featured in.

Will you send us a copy of the regional Guide?

All Guide qualifiers received a copy of the national Guide, distributed in The Times.  Regrettably, we are unable to supply a physical copy of the Regional Guide.

We will make digital PDFs available.

Are we able to purchase copies of the regional Guide?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make regional copies of the Guide available for purchase.

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