When would VouchedFor remove a review?

In the rare case we remove reviews, these are the circumstances that it would take place

Genuine, independent reviews of the advisers on the VouchedFor website are a vital element of the VouchedFor service. We want VouchedFor customers to trust the authenticity of the site and have a fair approach to selecting a Financial Adviser, Accountant or Solicitor that is right for them. However, if a review is abusive in nature, or contains any profane language then it will be removed from the site. Unless there are other exceptional circumstances, a review will not be removed from the site if it has been verified. 

Reviewer not recognised as a client

Select 'report content issue'. We will send an e-mail to the reviewer, asking them to verify the adviser-client relationship. 

Abusive or discriminatory in nature

We will not tolerate reviews that are abusive or discriminatory in nature. We allow clients to speak freely on matters, but remove content that appears to purposefully target advisers with the intention of degrading or shaming them. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Sharing personal information in order to blackmail or harass 
  • Hate speech, prejudiced language, threats or personal insults that are unrelated to the service being reviewed
  • Bad language

If we deem a review to be abusive, it will be removed from all public pages on VouchedFor.

Review verification checks

At VouchedFor, we have a team that conduct checks to ensure reviews are genuine. In certain cases, reviews can be removed after investigations. 

Review verified by accident

If the reviewer is not a genuine client, we can remove a review from the site. You can contact us at customer_service@vouchedfor.co.uk if you have marked them as a client by accident. In these cases we will get in contact with the reviewer to confirm they were not a client.

Incomplete reviews

Any reviews where the mandatory review questions have not been completed, or contain only symbols or numbers instead of legitimate content detailing the client or prospect's experience, cannot be published. 

Reviewer requests removal

In the rare event that a client who wrote a review requests to have the review edited or removed, we will assist with this. This will only be actioned if the request to do so is received from the same email address as the one that the initial review was associated with.

Duplicate reviews

Client are able, and encouraged, to leave multiple reviews for their adviser over the course of the professional relationship, for example after every annual review meeting. However, if a client publishes a review twice within a short timeframe (for example, by accident or due to a technical error) we may remove one of the reviews.

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