How to use the VouchedFor review invite tool

Inviting regular client reviews is key to success on VouchedFor.

Why? More prospects will see your clients rate you highly, your clients will see it's not just them who thinks you're great and your reputation tools and profile will stay populated with lots of great, recent reviews!

VouchedFor's review invite tool makes it very easy to invite client reviews. 

Here are the simple steps to use the review invite tool:

Step 1 - Log in to your VouchedFor account -

Step 2 - Select 'Reviews' from the menu

Step 3 - Select 'Invite one client' or 'Invite multiple clients'

Step 4 - Add in the first name(s) and email address(es) of the client(s) you would like to invite to review you

Step 5 - Select whether the people you are inviting are 'clients' or 'prospects'

Step 6 - Edit the review invitation email if you would like to. Mortgage or protection advisers should replace the words 'financial adviser' with 'mortgage adviser' or 'protection adviser'.

Step 7 - Click 'Invite client(s)'

The whole process typically takes just a few minutes and the response rate is excellent. It's a great feeling when you see those great client reviews coming in! 

If you need any help please email

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