Annual Feedback

What is Annual Feedback? 

  • You can opt-in to 'Annual Feedback'
  • If you opt in, clients who previously left reviews will be auto-invited to leave an annual follow-up review on the anniversary of their review (or on the date you set)
  • You can choose which clients have this switched on, or send it to all your reviewers
  • This will make it easier for you to get regular reviews on an ongoing basis!

How do I switch this on? 

You can switch on Annual Feedback for all, or just some, of your previous reviewers. 

When you're logged into your account, head to 'Reviews', then select 'Annual Feedback' from the tabs across the top. 

To switch on for all reviewers: 

1. Simply toggle on the switch that says "Turn on annual repeat-review invitations for everyone" 

2. If you want to remove a few clients, you can do this by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the client's details in the table 

To switch on for only a few reviewers: 

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to each client you want to invite, and select the switch that says "Annual auto invite"

2. Complete the date you wish the invite to send

2. Click SAVE 

To change the date an invitation sends: 

You can change the date an invitation is due to send, for example to coincide with your next review meeting with the client. Simply click the arrow next to the client's details, and change the date you see there. 

To preview or edit the invitation email: 

You can see what will be sent to the client, or edit it, by clicking "PREVIEW/EDIT INVITATION MESSAGE' down the bottom of the page. 

How does it work for clients? 

Clients will receive the email asking them to leave a follow up review.

When they click the link in the email, they will be asked to complete an adapted version of the review form. 

To make it easier for clients, they will be reminded of what they said in their last review, and asked how their adviser has helped since then. 

They also have the option to leave a private message for you for any additional feedback or comments!

Their review will be published on your profile with a clear marker saying it's a follow up review. 

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