Who can leave me a review?

Who can leave a review and how often can they do this?

Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in VouchedFor. 

There are different types of users you can invite to leave a review. 

Client Reviews

To leave a client review, you must be a client of the professional within the past five years. They must also have a valid email address in order to leave a review for the professional. 

We appreciate that professionals can have long standing relationships with their clients. Therefore, if a client who has already left a review, after one year, we allow them to leave a review again to show his long-standing relationship and professionalism of those on the VouchedFor platform. This allows the VouchedFor users to feel more comfortable in placing an enquiry, potentially, developing a long-standing relationship with the adviser if they choose to go ahead in seeking their advice. 

You can easily do this by switching on "auto annual feedback" in your review settings under the review tab in your account. 

We encourage each adviser to invite every client (and every new client) to review them, as well as opting into annual feedback.

Prospect First Impressions

There is another type of review that you can receive through VouchedFor called First Impressions. 

When sending a review invite, you can now select 'prospect' as a type of reviewer. 

If a client or prospect wants to leave a review when you have not sent them an invitation or you send them your profile page link directly without using our 'invite' tools, they can select what type of reviewer they are. 
You must then verify these types of reviews by clicking 'VERIFY' in your account

Please note that to invite or verify this type of review, you must have held either an introductory face to face meeting or telephone call with the prospect, which must have covered: the client's goals, how you can help, and what your fees are. You must be able to provide documented evidence to VouchedFor that demonstrates this relationship. 

The form that these prospect reviewers see is different to the normal review form; it will ask them: 

- whether they agree that they understand the services you offer
- whether you were clear about your charges
- whether they are likely to use your services in future
- a brief comment
- an overall star rating
- how likely they are to recommend your firm to their family and friends. 

Automatic First Impressions for VouchedFor enquirers:

If the prospect contacts you directly through VouchedFor, we do automatically ask for a first impression review to let the public know how the professionals work with people they meet.

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