Top Tips on Initial Emails (with example)

Top Tips on Initial Emails (template at the end)

Enquirers won't always answer your first call. Here are some of our top tips to make the most of the email that follows!

1. Email promptly.

As are most people these days, enquirers can be wary of unknown numbers and may not answer if they don't know who it is. Even if they have just made an enquiry, they may not put two and two together.  It's important to promptly follow up your call with an email explaining that you have just tried to contact them. This way, they will most likely tie your withheld number to the email that follows and get back to you straight away.

2. Keep it short.

Whether enquirers are opening up emails on their phones or their computers, getting across the key bits of information is all that's needed in this initial email. You don’t want to overwhelm or distract from the key message which is “let’s speak on the phone”.

Explaining who you are, thanking them for their enquiry, and a brief overview of why you are emailing, is all you need in your first one.  

If you wish, you can also use a ‘P.S.’ to inform them they are welcome to check your qualifications and credentials. Again, transparency is key when building a business relationship! 

3. Tell them your availability.

Giving enquirers the option to call you back at certain times shows that your time is important and valuable but that you are happy to allocate some of it to them, whenever convenient. It also means that they are far more likely to call back when they know you are free.

Try to avoid explaining that you will call them back as this can lead to enquirers getting confused and could result in both parties waiting for the other person's call. It's good to make them proactive and get them to reach out to you!

However, if your days are particularly busy, you can always ask them to reply with a good time for you to try them again. 

4. Reputation tools.

Remember that you can access these tools via your Member’s Area ‘Reputation Tools’, as referred to in Why are Reviews So Important? Using a VouchedFor email signature can show them how many reviews you have received and your star-rating, too. It’s almost always dependent on their first impressions, after all!

Email Template

The template below has been created to yield the highest response rate from enquirers who did not pick up on the initial phone call. Feel free to copy and paste this for use with enquirers (both through and outside of VouchedFor).


Hi (Enquirer Name),

Thank you for contacting me through VouchedFor regarding your (enquiry type).

I tried to call earlier to find out more about your situation and talk through some ideas but I must have missed you.

I should be free today at (time) and (time) and then tomorrow at (time) and (time). Do any of these work for you?

Alternatively, please feel free to give me a ring back when you have a spare moment on (telephone number).

Kind Regards,

(Adviser Name)

P.S. For more information about me, my qualifications and my company please see my VouchedFor profile or my company website.

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