What will my clients receive when I send them a review request?

Our system will send them an email on your behalf. See how this looks and what it can entail!

Initial Request:

When you request a review from your clients, they will receive an email with the review request which includes the text that you have included personally. This review request will include a link that brings them to the review page here at VouchedFor. From here, they can leave you a review that will be published on your VouchedFor profile once you have verified that the review has been left by a genuine client of yours.


If your client does not leave a review, they will receive an email reminder seven days after the initial request. If a client uses an alternate email address to leave the review, they may receive this reminder even if they have already completed the review form. 


When your client has left a review, they will receive a thank you email from VouchedFor confirming that we have received the review and that VouchedFor will now verify their identity with the adviser before the review goes live on the website. 

You can reply to the review and this will be publicly visible.

If you have not opted into annual feedback, this will most likely be the last communication that we have with your clients. However, in the following circumstances, we would send a follow-up email:

  • Not verified. If the review has not been verified by the adviser then the reviewer will get an email requesting evidence of the adviser-client relationship.
  • Disputed. If the adviser disputes that the reviewer was a client of theirs, the reviewer will receive an email confirming that the adviser has disputed the adviser-client relationship and requesting evidence of this.
  • Review Removal. If for any reason we remove a review the adviser will receive a notification that the review has been removed.

Annual Feedback:

If you would like to invite a client to review you every year, you can do this by switching on "auto-annual feedback",  "annual feedback" tab in the reviews tab.

The form they are directed to is shorter and asks them to follow-up on their previous review, asking how much you have helped them in the previous year.

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