What is a First Impression?

First Impressions are reviews that prospects or enquirers can leave

Prospect first impressions

When sending a review invite, you can select 'prospect' as a type of reviewer. 

Asking for these reviews after your first meeting with someone: 

a) demonstrates your commitment to excellent service
b) gives them the opportunity to read your other great reviews!

If a client or prospect wants to leave a review when you have not sent them an invitation or you send them your profile page link directly without using our 'invite' tools, they can select what type of reviewer they are. 
You must then verify these types of reviews by clicking 'VERIFY' in your account

Please note that to invite or verify this type of review, you must have held either an introductory face to face meeting or telephone call with the prospect, which must have covered: the client's goals, how you can help, and what your fees are. You must be able to provide documented evidence to VouchedFor that demonstrates this relationship. 

Automatic First Impressions for VouchedFor enquirers:

We ask enquirers for initial feedback 7 days after they send the original enquiry. This is their first impression. They are able to leave a comment and a star rating that will be displayed to other visitors, indicating what their first impression of the professional has been.

First Impressions are a great way to demonstrate to potential enquirers that you will handle their enquiry well, whether you take them on as a client or not, whether you can help them or not. This could be the deciding factor in them enquiring with you!

The First Impression form:

The form that these reviewers see is different to the client review form. Much shorter, it only takes a minute and will ask them: 

- for a brief comment about their experience 
- an overall star rating
- whether they agree that they understand the services you offer 
- whether you were clear about your charges 
- whether they are likely to use your services in future 
- how likely they are to recommend your firm to their family and friends. 

The checks tab displays the % of positive first impressions (4 or 5 stars or more) that an adviser has received through the site.

Example invitation email to send First Impression requests: 

We've found the below copy works well - feel free to copy and paste this! 

"As I mentioned on our call, client feedback is really important to us. We invite everyone to review us, at any stage, even after the first meeting. So I’d love to get your feedback (either now, or later). 

You can write your review at: {here add your personal link: you can find this by going to your public VouchedFor profile > clicking on the "leave a review" button at the top of your review section > clicking on "leave a review of your first impression" > then copying the URL from the address bar at the top}
(and you can read my other reviews there too!)"

We also have a suggested full template which you can find in your "invite tools" in your VouchedFor Account. 

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