Why are reviews so important?

Why are Reviews so Important?

After signing up, the next step should be to start getting reviews! Reviews are essential for getting the most out of your VouchedFor profile. If you are new to the world of ratings and reviews, give this a quick read.

Reviews matter to existing clients and potential clients.

Your reviews are more than for show - clients want to know about other clients' experiences.

When someone sees that you have great reviews, it gives them confidence that their adviser consistently offers a great service to all of their clients. This way, they are far more likely to refer you to friends or family.

In fact, did you know that 1 in 3 new clients are influenced by VouchedFor reviews before deciding to become a client?

Also, 79% of an adviser’s clients are more likely to refer them to friends after writing a review (and seeing all of the others). 

Reviews matter to potential clients. Now that we're in the digital age, having a strong positive online presence is more important than ever and, when a potential client looks to work with you, they tend to Google you and see what other people have already experienced. Our high SEO rankings ensure that potential clients can see your VouchedFor reviews!

Appear higher in search listings.

In addition, our search algorithm takes into account the number of reviews, and how recently they’ve been left, when displaying results to consumers. If you have no reviews then you will likely show up lower down in search results than other professionals in your area who are well reviewed. Equally, if you haven't had a review in two years, for example, you will likely show up lower down in search results than others who continuously invite clients to review them.

What does it mean to be VouchedFor?

The whole idea behind VouchedFor is that reviews can be used as a genuine, and valuable, way for clients to attest to the knowledge, value for money, and customer service of the professional in question. 

The more reviews you have, the more use you will get from the free marketing tools!

- In your Member’s Area, under ‘Reputation Tools’, you’ll find a personal PDF of reviews which automatically updates with new ones every time they are added to your VouchedFor profile. For prospective clients who don’t come through the VouchedFor site, you may wish to use these in any welcome paperwork that you offer to them to browse.

- You need 10+ reviews to unlock the Certificate of Excellence (released quarterly).

- Your website widget (individual and firm) updates automatically with each new review meaning that you can show visitors to your company website how many genuine reviews from happy clients you have.

- You can also share all of your reviews across social media with the "share your latest review" feature.

- Your email signature's review count will update in your Member’s Area every time you receive another review. Please note, however, that you will have to download a new email signature in order to use it. We recommend refreshing this once a quarter.

See more on marketing tools here.

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