New Client Experience Questions

New Client Experience Questions 

VouchedFor's review form has always included several optional questions, which around half of reviewers will complete. In the past, these were mainly demographic questions, which help other users of the website see the types of clients you’ve helped (for example, based on level of financial understanding, age, or wealth level). 

Over the last few months, partly inspired by the FCA's Consumer Duty, we have been trialling various ‘Client Experience’ focussed questions. Answers to these questions are entirely private, so they are not showcased online, and they help advisers and firms get a better understanding of the Client Experience they are delivering and how they can improve it.

VouchedFor’s mission has always been to help more people access great advice. The aim of these questions is to help advisers continually deliver the best possible client experiences and meet their Consumer Duty requirements.

These new questions are entirely optional with a clear ‘skip’ button for clients at the top. 


How can I see the responses? 

You can see the questions and answers for each client when you click to read their review in your account. These will not be visible on your VouchedFor public profile. Your firm may have access to the answers if they are currently using our ‘Elevation’ platform (see below). 

How are you using this data? 

This data helps all verified members of VouchedFor measure and improve client experience and meet Consumer Duty requirements.The data also helps to power our new annual Client Experience Report, which is free to download. This shares powerful insights on the practical steps advisers can take to improve client experience. You can download a copy here.

The data also powers our new product, Elevation. Elevation shows you how you compare to the industry benchmarks and specifically what you can do to drive 3 key goals: 

  1. Making great first impressions, increasing new client conversion rates 
  2. Delighting existing clients, driving more advocacy and recommendations 
  3. Mitigating risk and safeguarding clients best interests 

To find out more about Elevation, you can book a demo here. 

Why these questions?

We have carried out extensive testing and analysis of 250,000 + reviews already on VouchedFor, as well as speaking with consumers, advisers and industry leaders. Our research revealed these to be the most powerful questions to help improve Client Experience.

Have these questions impacted the completion rate of review forms?

There has been no change in our review form completion rates, with an average of 45% of those who are invited to leave a review doing so.

Can I opt out? 

If you are an adviser subscribed to  only our Verified or Unlimited services, please email with the subject “CX question opt out” and we will switch these questions off for your clients. Please note advisers who are part of our Elevation platform are not able to individually opt out of these questions. 

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