Profile Checklist

Have you completed your profile?

Having a complete profile will help give clients and potential prospects more transparency on what it is like to work with you.

To start filling in your profile, click on "Profile" tab on the left-hand side, there will be different tabs that appear at the top:

About me:

Here you can add:

  • Profile Picture
  • About Me section


Here you can add:

  • Education background
  • Qualification certificates (please note, if you want to offer Pension Transfer Specialist as a service, you would have to upload a relevant qualification)


Here you can add:

  • Job experience
  • Professional awards


Here you can add:

  • Services you are qualified to provide
  • Minimum wealth criteria (if you're a financial/mortgage adviser)
  • Introductory offers


Here you can add:

  • Your address
  • How far you're willing to travel
  • Additional Locations


Here you can add:

  • Disclaimer in line with your compliance team

Do all of the above to achieve a complete profile! Don't forget to start inviting clients to review you so that you can display proudly how highly your clients view you!

For help, please see these articles or call our Member Coach team on 0203 111 0580.

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