Kickstarter Programme FAQs

1. What are the main benefits of the Kickstarter Programme

VouchedFor's Kickstarter Programme supports recently qualified advisers through the difficulties faced when starting out. There are 3 main benefits to the Kickstarter Programme

  1. scale. Get on the invite list for a series of free, interactive webinars. These will feature the most successful advisers on VouchedFor sharing the secrets behind how they grew their client books so rapidly.
  2. Dedicated Support: Benefit from your own reputation expert (whether you become a verified member of VouchedFor or not). They'll offer tips to build your online presence.
  3. Access to reduced VouchedFor subscription: Get a 67% discount on VouchedFor membership for the first 2 years after you qualify. There is no obligation to take this up.

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2. What are the eligibility criteria for the discounted membership part of the Kickstarter Programme?

You are eligible for the Kickstarter Programme if you are financial, mortgage or protection adviser who has been qualified for less than 2 years. Financial advisers who have qualified in the last 2 years but were previously practicing as a mortgage adviser are not eligible for the programme.

3. How long will I be eligible for the discounted membership part of the Kickstarter Programme?

You will be eligible for the Kickstarter Programme up until 2 years after your qualification date. For example if you qualified 1 month ago you, will be eligible for 23 months on the Kickstarter Programme. If you qualified 18 months ago, you will be eligible for 6 months. If you qualified 22 months ago, you will be eligible for 2 months etc.

4. How do I prove the date I qualified as an adviser?

You can evidence the date of your qualification using the date on your CF30, CMAP level 3 or equivalent certificate. If you are a Protection Adviser then we will check when you started advising with your company and will also check your LinkedIn profile.

5. What are the main benefits of being a VouchedFor verified member?

VouchedFor's verified membership helps you prove that you are doing a great job for your clients! Fuelled by independent checks and reviews.

As a new adviser, it can be especially hard to instil confidence in prospective clients and your VouchedFor verified membership helps you achieve this.

This is more important than ever during the pandemic. Building rapport in-person remains difficult and people are doing more research online to ensure their chosen adviser is good.

6. What does VouchedFor’s verified membership include?

Fully verified profile, showing your reviews and all the independent checks you’ve passed
Firm profile, which aggregates all linked advisers’ ratings into one powerful score
Improved online visibility. Your profile and great reviews will be prominent on Google for anyone considering
 your services
Use of various ‘reputation tools’ (eg certificates and badges) to reassure prospects and clients
Use of a ‘Referral Generator’ tool which encourages referrals from existing clients
Listing in the 2021 Top Rated Adviser Guide, distributed in The Times (if you qualify)
Dashboard charting your progress e.g. googlers, referrers and much more...
No enquiry fees (though direct enquiries are capped at 6 per Mortgage Adviser or 5 for Financial Advisers per quarter, dependent on your min. mortgage or wealth level, and are not guaranteed. For Protection Advisers there is no cap)

7. What does VouchedFor’s verified membership cost after the discounted period?

If you decide to continue with VouchedFor verified membership after the discounted period (there is no obligation), the cost is £45+VAT per adviser per month or £37.50+VAT if paid annually.

8. Is now a good time to join VouchedFor?

There's never been a more important time to be 'VouchedFor' with clients and prospects needing more reassurance than ever that their chosen adviser is good. VouchedFor visitors are spending 61% longer on the site, reading reviews, looking at checks....doing due diligence.

9. I use another review platform, can I add these reviews to VouchedFor?

Yes, there is an ‘import testimonials’ function that enables you to do this. Worth noting that most other review platforms feature only reviews of your company rather than you as an adviser, so don't show up if someone searches for you by name (which many prospective clients do).

10. What is the key to success on VouchedFor?

It's simple. Make inviting reviews a habit. Invite every prospect and client to review you.

More prospects will become clients. Because they will read your client reviews while leaving theirs.

More clients will refer to you. Because they can see it's not just them who thinks you're great.

More accountants, solicitors, estate agents will refer to you. Because it's reassuring to know you'd invite reviews from anyone they send your way.

 your profile will stay up to date with lots of recent reviews. Reassuring everyone.

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