How to add your qualifications

As a Verified member, you can upload your qualifications to your profile. 

Clients and prospects can then click to view your qualifications when they are researching your profile. 

How to add your qualifications: 

1. Log in to your account

2. Go to Profile > Qualifications 

3. Scroll down to "Add qualification" 

4. Scroll through the list of qualifications, or start typing to filter the results. 
NOTE: we only include qualifications listed in the FCA Handbook here, for financial advisers, or recognised accountancy qualifications for accountants. 

5. Click on "Drop a file to upload, or click to select it."  and choose the file from your computer. This should be a PDF, JPG, or PNG file ideally.  You can upload either the qualification certificate, or a Learning Statement that shows clearly the modules completed. 

 6. OPTIONAL: enter an expiry date (e.g. for your SPS)

7. Click "SAVE" 

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