How to use: VouchedFor reputation tools

Used right, your tools increase referrals, and ultimately clients, from all sources.

You've put in all the work to build great client reviews on VouchedFor, so why not tell the world?

Fully verified members have access to tools (e.g. ratings badges, email signatures, certificates, guide listings) that build confidence at every touchpoint; your social media, website, emails, letters, office, face-to-face...

When used effectively, reputation tools help you generate:

  • More website visits, VouchedFor profile views and Google search appearances for you and your company.
  • More referrals, website enquiries, leads, calls etc.
  • A higher % of prospects proceeding to meetings.
  • A higher % of meetings converting to clients
  • A higher client retention rate. 

N.B. Many VouchedFor members are close to or at client capacity. They use the tools to help generate the one or two extra clients they do have capacity for. And/or to get the recognition they deserve for doing a great job for their clients.

For example

  • Your Email Signature Rating Badge encourages your client to recommend you to their friend (because your client can see your other clients also think you're great!)
  • Their friend visits your website, sees your Live Ratings Widget and decides to contact you.
  • On your first email to them, you attach your Certificate of Excellence. This gives extra reassurance and they meet you.
  • When you meet them you take along a paper copy of the PDF of Independently Verified Reviews which you show them and their partner. They decide to become your client because of your strong reputation.

How to access these tools:

You can see guides to all our reputation tools on our support hub.

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