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Your feedback for Financial adviser, [adviser full name]

Feedback can be made public

Tell us more about the reasons for your rating

What were the circumstances that caused you to initially look for an equity release adviser?*

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Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?*

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How has [adviser full name] helped you?*

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What could they have done better?

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Your feedback for Financial adviser, [adviser full name]

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In what circumstances would you recommend [adviser] to a family member, friend or colleague?*

I would not recommend them

I would consider recommending them to people with a specific need, or in a specific situation

I would consider recommending them to anyone who expressed a need to speak to an adviser

I would be a passionate advocate for them

Has your adviser asked you to recommend them to people you know?



How much do you agree with the following statement: "My adviser's reviews on VouchedFor mean I would be more confident recommending them to a friend"

Strongly agree




Strongly disagree

How many times have you recommended the adviser in the last 12 months?*











How likely would you be to recommend [adviser] to others you know? (0 being not at all likely, 10 being very likely)


Did you read reviews of your adviser on VouchedFor.co.uk before becoming a client?


I read reviews but I'm not sure what website they were on

I read reviews on another site

No, I didn't read reviews

How clear is the correspondence you receive from [adviser] and/or [firm]?

Not clear

Quite clear


Couldn’t be clearer

N/a I don’t receive any correspondence

How do you engage with the correspondence you receive from [adviser] and/ or their firm?

I take time to read them in full

I quickly look for the most important parts

I barely read them all

N/A - I don’t receive any correspondence

How did [adviser] or their firm earn money from working with you?

They would charge me a fee

They would charge me a fee, and earn commission 

They would earn commission

Not sure

Did you ever have to chase the adviser or their team to get things done through the process?





How responsive was the adviser / their team?

Not responsive enough

Quite responsive

Very responsive

Couldn’t have been more responsive

How easy was it to share documents with your adviser / their team?

Not easy enough

Quite easy

Very easy

Couldn’t have been easier

Would you let your adviser / their firm know about personal challenges (e.g. bereavement, health issues, relationship difficulties)?

I would let them know, even if they didn’t ask

I would let them know if they asked

I wouldn’t let them know

How confident are you that you understand the potential disadvantages of [adviser]’s recommendations?

The potential disadvantages were not pointed out or explained to me

I have some understanding but would have preferred more clarity before making my decision

I have enough understanding to be confident in my decision

I couldn’t be more confident I understand the potential disadvantages

Who will own the house after you move into long term care or pass away?

After the mortgage is covered, any remaining value in the house will go to the beneficiaries in my will

A home reversion company will own some or all of the house

The entire value of the house will go to the beneficiaries in my will

Not sure

When will the product be repaid (select all that apply)?

When I die or move into long-term care

Through my monthly repayment

When I move home (excluding into long-term care)

Not sure

N/A - there is nothing to repay

Can a change in interest rates impact how much you or your estate needs to pay in relation to the equity release?



Not sure

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Your feedback for Financial adviser, [adviser full name]

Optional Questions

The questions below are optional and typically take 30 seconds to complete. If you complete these, you consent to us storing this information and publishing non-personally identifiable information based on your answers if the adviser opts to create a public profile on vouchedfor.co.uk in the future. The information is used to help other users of our site, to improve our services and by the adviser and their firm to help deliver a better client experience.

What is your gender?

What is your occupation?

What is your household income?

How old are you?

What is the approximate total amount of your savings, investments and pensions?

What is your marital status?

When did you first become a client of this financial adviser?

What is your level of financial expertise?

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Your feedback for Financial adviser, [adviser full name]

Confirm your identity

Lastly, we need to confirm you have a valid email address by sending you an email.

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Should [adviser first name] opt to create a public profile in the future your county will be visible next to your feedback on vouchedfor.co.uk

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