New Widgets

What’s changed with the widgets?

We have given all of our widgets an overhaul to make them more distinctive and give them greater impact.

As part of this, we have consolidated some of our old widgets (the star rating centred, left-aligned and on a blue-background) into one ‘Simple Star Rating’ widget.  This means that, if you’re using any one of these widgets (or all of them), they will be replaced with the same, new star rating widget.

Check out this guide to see what’s changed.

When is this happening?

The first place our new brand will be seen publicly is on the VouchedFor home page, and across our consumer journey.  We’ll then be rolling it out across your VouchedFor adviser and firm portal, and the Elevation dashboard.

We will be automatically updating all widgets on 19th April. On this date, all old widgets will be replaced with the new widgets. You won’t have to do anything.

However, you are welcome to update your widgets and rep tools from today, in order to be ready for the 18th March. 

At the moment, updating your dynamic widgets is entirely up to you. Check out this help doc to see how you can update your widgets now.

How can I access the new widgets?

You can access them from your dashboard as per normal. 

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