Financial Advisers - Transferred Clients Questions and Answers

When should this feedback form be used?

This feedback form should be used when clients have transferred from one adviser to another. As an example; John has 100 clients, he is retiring so Sarah is now going to take on the clients. Sarah will invite feedback from each client following their first meeting with her to find out how the clients found the transfer process.

Will this feedback be displayed on my public profile?

No, this feedback will always private to you and your firm.

Please be aware that we do not ask for star ratings on this feedback form. Within the firm portal the overall rating is displayed as 0, please disregard this.

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Your feedback for adviser, [adviser full name]

Thank you for leaving feedback through, this form takes 5-10 minutes to complete

All responses will be private to the adviser and their firm

In what circumstances would you recommend [adviser first name] to a family member, friend or colleague?*

  • I would not recommend them
  • I would consider recommending them to people with a specific need, or in a specific situation
  • I would consider recommending them to anyone who expressed a need to speak to an adviser
  • I would be a passionate advocate for them

How did you find the process of becoming a client of [adviser first name]?*

Free text

 □ Yes, I have been a client of [adviser full name] in the past 5 years, no-one has submitted this review on my behalf, I understand I am responsible for its content and I accept the terms and conditions

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Your feedback for adviser, [adviser full name]

Who normally initiates communication between you and [adviser first name]?*

  • Only me
  • Normally me, sometimes the adviser
  • Roughly 50/50 between me and the adviser
  • Normally the adviser, sometimes me
  • Only the adviser

Between scheduled meetings, in what circumstances would you contact [adviser first name]?*

  • Whenever I have a question
  • Only for an urgent or important question
  • I would always wait for the next scheduled meeting

How do you engage with the correspondence you receive from [adviser first name] and/or their firm?*

  • I take time to read them in full
  • I quickly look for the most important parts
  • I barely read them all
  • N/A - I don’t receive any correspondence

How clear is the correspondence you receive from [adviser first name] and/or their firm?*

  • Not clear
  • Quite clear
  • Clear
  • Couldn’t be clearer
  • N/a I don’t receive any correspondence

How confident are you that you are on-track to achieve the goals you are working towards with [adviser first name]?*

  • Not sure
  • Quite confident I’m on track
  • Confident I’m on track
  • Couldn’t be more confident I’m on track

How do you pay for your adviser's services?*

  • I pay a fixed fee
  • I pay a percentage of my assets
  • I pay a combination of a fixed fee and percentage
  • I pay an hourly fee
  • Not sure
  • Other

How confident are you that you understand the potential disadvantages of [adviser first name]'s recommendations?*

  • The potential disadvantages were not pointed out or explained to me
  • I have some understanding but would have preferred more clarity before making my decision
  • I have enough understanding to be confident in my decision
  • I couldn’t be more confident I understand the potential disadvantages

What topics do you discuss in your sessions with [adviser first name]?*

  • We only talk about finances
  • We talk about developments in my life - but it wouldn’t feel right to talk about anything too personal other than finances
  • Other than talking about my finances, I feel comfortable talking to them about personal challenges (e.e bereavement, health issues, relationship difficulties…)

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Your feedback for adviser, [adviser full name]

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What is your gender?

How old are you?

What is your level of financial expertise?

  • Very high - For example, I am a qualified economist, fund manager or similar
  • High - For example, I regularly follow the financial news
  • Average - I understand the basics
  • Low - I don't have the time or inclination to become a financial whizz!

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Your feedback for adviser, [adviser full name]

Confirm your identity

Lastly, we need to confirm you have a valid email address by sending you an email.

Your name and email can be used by [adviser first name] and their firm to identify your feedback.

First name*


 □ I understand you may ask this adviser for email evidence of our professional relationship if required, to help prevent fraudulent feedback

Help us prevent fraud (optional and data kept private)



Phone number (optional)

We only use these details if a concern is raised about the authenticity of your feedback. We will keep them private.

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