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The 3 Step Process That Helped Us Convert 27% of Free Financial Plan Enquiries!

NOTE: This process is based on input from the best converting financial advisers on VouchedFor as well as our own trial with 50 plan requesters.

Firstly, if you're not sure what these kinds of enquiries are, you can read an overview here

Remember, you can opt out of these enquiries at any time through your account

Overview of process

Step 1: Initial call

Step 2: Creating the plan

Step 3: Presentation call

Step 1 - Initial call

Call the plan requester as soon as you can after receiving the request. We tried various scripts for this initial call, this was the winner:


“Hi it's <NAME> from <FIRM NAME>. It's just a quick call to progress the free financial plan that you requested on <DAY>. Is now a good time?

Great, just to let you know the process for the free financial plan is that we will have a 10-15 minute chat now. I will then go away and create your free one-page plan and we will have a call or meeting in about a week's time to run through everything. 

The free plan includes basic cashflow forecast, a summary of your financial situation and goals, a note on whether you are on track and some guidance to help you improve your situation. If I feel that you could benefit from further, paid-for advice, I will make that clear in the plan but there is no obligation. Does this sound OK?

Great, so to get started can you tell me a bit about your situation and goals? What made you request a free financial plan? (Learn about the client, really dig into goals, time frames and amounts until you are clear what success looks like for them. It’s an opportunity to show them that you’re here to listen and start to build a picture of who they are and what’s important to them)

Thanks, and can I just double check the numbers you submitted in your plan request? (There should be a summary found in the enquiry email).

Is there anything else I should know? (e.g. obstacles, expected windfalls etc.)

Summarise and sense check (Quick recap, have you missed anything)

Great, well I will go away and create your free plan, can we book in a time in about a week to talk through it? (Try to book in the presentation call during the initial call. Same length as the initial call - only need 10-15 mins of their time)”


Step 2 - Creating the plan

You can create the free plan using a one page basic template, such as this, but with your branding on it.


NOTE: We recommend that you use our Free Financial Plan Template, click here!

Cashflow forecast - 

We suggest you paste in a screen grab of the consumer’s cashflow forecast from whatever financial planning tool you use e.g. Voyant or CashCalc

Goal Summary - 

Explain what the graph shows. Recap their goals here and whether they are on track to achieve them

Things to consider - 

List some guidance that might help them e.g. the negative returns on their cash savings, a change in regulation that affects them. This can be guidance (not advice) and is designed to demonstrate your expertise, offer some value and food for thought.

Next steps - 

Here list any paid-for advice that you think they could benefit from, be as specific as possible. This is a great chance to bring home to the prospect, on a personalised level, how advice can benefit them.

Step 3 - Presentation call

Finally, on the presentation call, we suggest you share your screen to talk them through the plan (you can use free tools such as JoinMe or Gotomeeting) rather than just sending them the plan. On the call itself, we used the following structure…

  1. Recap your previous call
  2. Run through the cash flow forecast and the assumptions that went into it
  3. Cover things that the client might want to consider - offer tips and guidance
  4. Finally, outline how you can help the client and any further paid-for advice they might benefit from

This call is a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, give them food for thought, and outline how advice could benefit them on an individual level. If they’re keen to proceed you can book in an in person meeting to further the process. 

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