Pension Transfer Specialists

Adding Pension Transfer Specialist to your profile: 

Advisers who have the relevant qualification (G60, AF3, AF7, AwPetr or the CISI’s pension transfer certificate) can add the 'Pension Transfer - Specialist' service to their profiles. 

You can add this under your Profile > Qualifications section.
Then simply head over to Profile > Services and add the service there!

In cases where the adviser themselves does not have the qualifications, but they have an in-house transfer specialist who checks their advice or work with a specialist advice firm, then they will not be permitted to add the service. The reason for this is that VouchedFor profiles are at an individual level, rather than a firm level. Advisers should only add services that they themselves are directly qualified to provide. 

What do consumers see?

When consumers select Pension Transfers on our search page, they are presented with a filter where they can select whether they need a specialist or not. 

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