Elevation overview

Use client feedback to grow your business organically

Elevation is an enhanced client survey from VouchedFor.

It helps you collect client feedback and act on it to drive business growth. 

  • Increase referrals: Identify which clients would be most likely to recommend you, and ask them for referrals
  • Improve conversion: Discover insights to improve new prospective client conversion rates
  • Identify opportunities: Learn which clients are open to advice in other areas of their finances, or for family members

More than a survey tool

Built on 250,000 clients’ feedback and 12 years’ expertise, the survey has been carefully engineered by testing hundreds of questions to arrive at the most valuable ones.

Elevation offers completely private feedback, industry benchmarks, and a real-time Consumer Duty Report. That’s why more than 1,000 advisers from leading advice firms have chosen Elevation as their preferred survey solution for Consumer Duty.


Elevation is available for a monthly subscription of £40+VAT per month per adviser.

Existing VouchedFor members can benefit from a bundled rate of £85+VAT for both Elevation and their Verified/Unlimited VouchedFor membership.

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