Do you allow consumers to contact more than one adviser?

We find that on average, around 1 in 5 consumers will contact more than one professional (either through VouchedFor or through other means) and they will do this whether we allow it or not. Therefore, we do let consumers contact multiple professionals (within limits). It's also in a consumer's best interest to get comparisons and do their research, before choosing which adviser to proceed with.

We'll only submit an enquiry to more than one adviser if the consumer chooses to, and over time, this should work out better for advisers - sometimes you'll convert an enquiry that another adviser doesn't, and vice versa.

We do follow up with consumers when an enquiry is submitted and we know from the feedback we receive that consumers are really grateful for this.

We appreciate that not all enquiries will convert, and we do have a refund policy that allows advisers to report unsuitable enquiries. However, we can't track individual outcomes for each scenario so some reported enquiries may not meet our refund criteria.

From past experience, tracking individual outcomes for every enquiry can be very expensive and error-prone. The additional costs involved in that would need to be borne by our members, meaning an increase in prices.

We respect that everyone has a different view here. We make our charges and policies very transparent, so each adviser can make an informed choice on whether and how best to use our service.

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