How quickly should I get in touch?

When an enquirer reaches out, don't keep them waiting!

In our Terms and Conditions advisers agree to contact enquirers within one business day. In reality we recommend getting in contact straight away.

Advisers who reach out to enquirers straight away are much more likely to win that client over. We encourage advisers to call within 30 minutes. The enquirer has reached out to you, don't keep them waiting!

We recommend making initial contact by phone unless they specifically request otherwise. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare they will appreciate a call. Use this call to thank them for their enquiry and arrange a suitable time to have a proper chat. 

We appreciate that sometimes you may not be able to call an enquirer straight away. Our most successful advisers copy someone from their office in on all their notifications. This means that even when they are unavailable the enquirer still gets a call. This is a great way to make sure they know you appreciate them getting in touch and start to build rapport.

The enquirer has let you know that they wish to speak to you so let them know that you're keen to speak to them too!

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