How does the 'best match' ranking work?

Our 'best match' algorithm has 3 key factors to determine the ranking of advisers in a search. 

1) Location

Location is determined by using a latitude / longitude look-up based on the location a consumer enters and the nearest advisers to that.

Consumers can enter a town or city name, or a postcode, or a partial postcode.

The default search radius is set to 'up to 40 miles' but consumers can change this. Advisers who have set a travel radius and will travel to the consumers location are included, unless the consumers de-selects the default tickbox for 'include advisers who will travel to meet me'. 

2) Review count 

The number of reviews an adviser has is factored in, with recency of reviews being an important factor. 

Our advice is to: 

  • Regularly invite any new clients to review you
  • Use our new Annual Feedback tool to invite old clients to review their experience over the last 12 months. They’ll also be able to provide private feedback.
  • Use our new 'prospect first impression' review invitation tool - you can now invite prospects who haven't yet become clients to review you. 
By following this advice, you can demonstrate your ongoing commitment to delivering a consistently great service. 

3) Rating 

Lastly, the average rating for an adviser is factored in. 

Please note: if basic profile information, such as your profile photo, has not been added then your profile will not rank at all in the search listings. 

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