Tips for a great photo!

Look Smart

Looking smart is a big factor. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear a suit but being smartly dressed has a big effect on how professional your profile looks.


Smiling is a great way to show everyone you're positive and approachable. The best photos have smiles with teeth and the worst photos involve no smile at all!

A head and shoulders shot or head to waist works best

A headshot photo including your head and some of your shoulders generally works best. A photo which is too zoomed out (whole body or with a desk in the way) means people can't see your face so easily. Similarly, having a photo too zoomed in means people lose the perspective of your body and the image can be a bit overpowering.

Professional headshots are almost always best but if that's not possible, here are a few tips for taking your own photos:

  • Resolution matters - take photos with a proper camera, rather than your normal smartphone. When in doubt, a quality camera is always better.
  • Ensure that the photo is a professional-looking shot which displays your head and shoulders. 
  • Ideally, get someone else to take the photo for you, so it doesn't look like a selfie!
  • Use a plain, professional background and take the photos in good light. 
  • Smile! 

Some examples of great profile pictures:

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