The benefits of having a public profile on VouchedFor

Build trust and reassurance, drive recommendations and boost conversion with our public profiles. Here are some of the benefits...

Checked and monitored

With a VouchedFor membership, you'll receive a "Fully Verified" profile with 6 checks displayed to give clients and prospects full confidence. 

These checks include your FCA status, whether you're independent or restricted, how recent your reviews are, how positive your 'first impression' reviews are, as well as the ability to upload your qualification certificates and publish your typical fees. 

Genuine client reviews

What better way to drive trust than by showcasing what your clients say about you? Consumers know that every client review on VouchedFor has been independently checked and verified, so they buy into them. The reviews also contain more information than a typical testimonial, giving consumers extra confidence as they can read reviews left by people like them (for example, people of a similar age or people looking for a specific type of advice). 

Ranking in Google 

VouchedFor ranks highly for financial advisers in most towns e.g. if you type in “Financial Adviser Teddington,” VouchedFor appears at the top of the list with the title “Top 10 Financial Advisers in Teddington.”  

If someone searches for your name e.g. 'Joe Bloggs financial adviser', they'll easily be able to see your VouchedFor profile and all the great things your clients have said about you.

You can view how many people have seen your profile through Google in your account dashboard.


79% of clients are more likely to refer their friends to their adviser, having seen their VouchedFor reviews.

Reputation Tools: Show off those great reviews!

How to use: VouchedFor's Marketing Tools

PDF of Reviews

Every Verified and Unlimited member can download a pdf of their reviews to use on their site or in client meetings. It’s a powerful tool to help you convert prospects and many advisers include it in their welcome pack for potential new clients.

Certificate of Excellence

Every Verified and Unlimited member with over 10 reviews from the last 12 months and a score of more than 4.5 stars is eligible for a Certificate of Excellence which they can download from their member’s area each quarter. The certificate features the adviser name, the month and year, the adviser’s score and their review count.

Ratings/Reviews Widget

You can incorporate our dynamic widget which sits on the adviser’s website and is automatically updated with their score. When you click on it, it shows your VouchedFor profile and all your great reviews. This is an effective way to give consumers absolute confidence in becoming a client.

Email Signature

Like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can now add a VouchedFor email signature icon. Your online reputation can be showing at a click of a button from your contact to existing and potential clients! 

Sharing Reviews on Social Media

You can now share every review you receive on social media through our social sharing tool! You can choose to share the entire review or a section that you thought was particularly useful.

Top Rated Guides

As a Verified member, you'll qualify to feature in our annual Guides to the UK's Top Rated Advisers. In 2020 this was distributed in the Times newspaper, and on the Telegraph online. 

Fee Report

If you upload your fees to VouchedFor and you're a verified or unlimited member, you can compare your fees to other advisers through the "Fee Insights" tab, which is private to you. There is the opportunity to share these insights to clients and colleagues through a personalised "Fee Report".

Referral Generator

This tool enables you to trigger an email 'from' VouchedFor, which thanks reviewers for reviewing you, tells them that their review and those of your other client reviews have helped you [insert milestone of your choice e.g. qualify as a Top Rated Adviser in the Guide, distributed in The Times]. The email then asks the reviewer to send anyone who also needs your help your way.

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