Unlimited Plan Overview

Overview and requirements

The Unlimited Plan includes unlimited enquiries from our Directory as well as from our affiliate partners (“Matched” enquiries), which helps to generate more consumer enquiries. On the Unlimited plan you are opted into these Matched enquiries by default.

It is aimed at firms who want to generate a higher volume of new prospective clients (for example, from channels other than existing client referrals).

Many of the consumers who come through these partners are earlier on in the process of deciding to work with an adviser and need to better understand the value of advice, before proceeding. It is designed for advisers and firms who have capacity to do the best possible job with these consumer enquiries. 

The Unlimited plan includes our Elevation service, which means advisers will get rich feedback from the enquirers they speak to - helping them deliver consistently excellent experiences and boost conversion rate. Elevation also helps advisers generate more referrals and cross-sells from their existing clients - the best kind of enquiries.

Through Elevation you'll also get access to an additional dashboard with industry benchmarking, an action list showing best opportunities to grow revenue and reduce risk, weekly alert emails and adviser training.

The plan also includes support from our Success team on how to make the most of any enquiries, using your Elevation insights to understand how to convert more prospects and provide a brilliant experience.

We will also publish a set of Best Practice guidelines which we will ask advisers on the Unlimited plan to aim to adhere to (as well as adhering to our standard Code of Conduct).


The monthly subscription for Unlimited is £85+VAT. 

Enquiry prices can be found here.

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