What emails do you send enquirers?

Whilst you will contact the enquirer directly, we also get in touch to ensure a good VouchedFor experience.

Once an advice seeker has sent a message to you through the site they will receive the following emails from VouchedFor:

Confirmation Email:

Once an enquiry is submitted the enquirer receives a confirmation email which also includes your name and contact number. This email will make them aware that you will contact them within 24 hours. Please note that if you fulfil our conditions and do not manage to make contact with the enquirer you may be eligible for a refund, please see the refund policy

Has contact been made:

One working day after the enquiry is submitted, the enquirer will be sent an email checking if you have been in touch yet.

First Impression:

7 days after the enquiry has been submitted the enquirer will receive a First Impression request asking for feedback on how their initial contact. This First Impression request will allow the enquirer to give you a star rating out of 5 and a comment which will display publicly on your profile. They will also fill in some private feedback such as clarity of fees and how likely they would be to use your service. This information is for your own feedback and is not displayed publicly on your profile.

First Impression reminder:

12 days after the enquiry if the enquirer has not yet completed a First Impression they will receive a second and final First Impression reminder.

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