How to write the perfect ‘About Me’ section

As you update your profile, take a look at some of our tips and examples for the 'About Me' section

The ‘About Me’ section on your profile is just as important as your photo. It’s your opportunity to explain what you do, how you can help a potential client and allow you to show a bit of your personality! 

A few tips:

  • Write about yourself professionally. E.g Having worked in the financial services industry for 15 years, I have developed specialisms in company pension transfers as well as retirement planning.
  • Write your hook! What makes you stand out from other advisers? An example of a hook could be the following: I call myself the money wizard because I work magic with investments!
  • Write about yourself! People buy into people. A good example of this might be: when I’m away from the office you’ll find me next to a cricket pitch watching my two young sons beat their rival teams!
  • Make sure that your section is easy to read, use paragraphs or spaces between lines to make sure that your profile looks aesthetically pleasing.

A good example of an ‘About Me’ section is below:

I have been a financial adviser since 2007 having previous worked in investment banking in the City of London and as a finance and operations director for a small retail company. 

My particular areas of interest are investments, pensions both pre and post retirement and inheritance tax planning. I received my Charter from the Chartered Insurance Institute in 2012 which was the culmination of three years of study whilst advising.

 My client base is very diverse ranging from young professionals just starting their financial planning journey to much older clients completing theirs. I also advise two companies and a charity on their employee benefits. It is an amazing privilege and responsibility knowing so much about a client’s private affairs and their hopes and fears. 

I believe the key to being a good adviser is having a reasonable level of technical knowledge but more importantly the ability to listen and connect with what really matters to clients.

My spare time tends to revolve around my family. I recognise how fortunate I am and try to give something back to the community which currently means acting as treasurer and trustee of the Wandsworth, Chelsea and Fulham Sea Cadets.

The difference between a well written ‘About Me’ could be the reason why someone chooses one professional over the other, so take your time!

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