Free Financial Plan

How does it work? 

Potential clients complete an online form which will gather information such as their net worth, income and outgoings, and their goals. 

In line with your wealth and services criteria, the client details will be sent to you. You can then complete the rest of the basic plan with some ideas and comments. 

These basic plans are valuable for clients to understand their financial position and how on track they are, and should also inspire people to become your clients by demonstrating the value you can bring and how you can help them. 

What does the plan include? 

Plans generally cover a summary of the information given, a basic cash flow forecast with a view of how on track their goals are, some ideas on how to improve their position and next steps. 

If you choose to participate the steps are as follows:

  1. You will be sent an enquiry email with the details of the request. 
  2. You should call the consumer within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry. Let them know you received their request and are working on their plan. 
  3. Once you have all the information necessary then it's time to create the plan. 
  4. Arrange a follow up call to make sure the plan covered all the areas of concern and to check if there are any areas covered they would like to act on.

Plan requests can come in a few guises depending on the primary area of interest, some will come through as a general Basic Financial Plan and will be completed using the steps outlined above, but you may also receive some requests for a Free Pension Plan or Free Inheritance Plan. These plans will be covered by a different Microsoft Word template, which will be sent to you in the enquiry email, and should have a specific focus on the main area concerned.

You can choose to remove yourself from this promotion at any stage in the Members Area of your profile and remember, if you do, you can always opt back in to participating at a later stage!


Financial Plan Requests are charged as qualified enquiries. This is because we ask the client for a much more detailed breakdown of their finances and assets, allowing us to ensure that you only receive enquiries from clients who meet your minimum criteria. In the rare event that you do receive an enquiry that does not meet your minimum criteria, you would be eligible for a full refund, in line with our refund policy for qualified enquiries, which can be found here.

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