Changes to our search algorithm - October 2019

What has changed, and why? 

Previously, our default search results were ranked based upon an adviser’s distance from the searched location, and the total number of reviews they have.
Advisers and consumers have said we should place greater weighting on more recent reviews - and we agree.
So, we have changed our algorithm to put a greater emphasis on review recency. 
For example, an adviser who regularly gets reviews is likely to rank more highly than one who got lots of reviews years ago, but few since.

How can I improve my ranking? 

The new search listings will clearly display how many recent reviews you have, as well as the total. 

We have also made distance from the search location easier to see now, as this does still impact the ranking in the same way as before. 

Our advice is to: 

  • Regularly invite any new clients to review you
  • Use our new Annual Feedback tool to invite old clients to review their experience over the last 12 months. They’ll also be able to provide private feedback.
  • Use our new 'prospect first impression' review invitation tool - you can now invite prospects who haven't yet become clients to review you. 
By following this advice, you can demonstrate your ongoing commitment to delivering a consistently great service. 
If you have any feedback or questions on these changes, please let us know!

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