Who can sign up?

We currently list the following types of Professionals on VouchedFor:

  • Financial Advisers (both Independent and Restricted)
  • Mortgage Advisers
  • Protection Advisers
  • Equity Release Advisers
  • Financial Coaches (please note restrictions apply, see our Financial Coach policy )
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors

All independent, focussed independent or restricted financial advisers can be on VouchedFor! As long as you have active FCA permissions with an active and authorised company on the FCA register you can be listed on site.

All whole-of-market, restricted, independent or limited mortgage advisers can be on VouchedFor.

If you are a fully qualified Accountant, Bookkeeper or Tax Adviser you are able to be listed on site, so long as you can be checked against a qualification body's register.

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