The VouchedFor Standard

To give visitors to your profile even more confidence in you, we have The VouchedFor Standard for members on Verified and Unlimited

What is the VouchedFor Standard?

VouchedFor represents the modern-day standard of quality and transparency for professional financial and legal advisers. Through our unique system of checks, reviews and monitoring, we demonstrate advisers’ dependability on 3 key dimensions:

Standard 1: Competence

We check advisers hold the necessary regulatory permissions and qualifications to practice in their chosen areas. Where advisers have advanced qualifications and specialisms, we make that clear.

Standard 2: Satisfaction

We encourage every Adviser that has registered with us to build at least 2 reviews from their clients. Reviewers are rigorously checked to ensure authenticity. We will also follow up with every consumer who contacts an adviser through us, to ensure they are happy and invite them to write a 'first impression' review.

Standard 3: Value

Financial Advisers are encouraged to display information about their fees. In future, we plan to expand this to Solicitors and Accountants.

If these sound familiar, it may be because your VouchedFor profile displays how transparent you have been:

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