Advanced Qualifications

As part of our mission to build public trust in financial advice, we have added the ability for consumers to filter their search for advanced qualifications.

How do I add advanced qualifications?

You can add your advanced qualifications by logging into your account and clicking on your " Profile tab" and then clicking "Qualifications".

  1. Scroll down and you should see a heading that says "Qualifications" and a plus to add qualifications. 
  2. Search for the qualification that you would like to upload in the text box. 
  3. Click the blue button to upload a qualification or you can drag one onto the screen to upload it.
  4. If there is an expiration date, insert this and then click save. Job done!

Advanced qualifications that you have uploaded will appear on your public profile under your checks and in a tab called 'Qualifications'. If you have any uploaded that are not advanced these will have a service associated with them, your advanced qualifications will appear in a section called 'Advanced'.

How has VouchedFor determined if a qualification is advanced?

Qualifications that are level 6 or higher are deemed as advanced by the FCA and Ofqual. To produce our list of qualifications we have cross-referenced the list of Ofqual advanced qualifications with those that are in the FCA handbook.

Please note, if there is a module within a qualification that is deemed a level 6 or higher but does not constitute a full qualification by itself, we have not included it in our list. The only exception to this rule is any modules that allow you to give advice on Pension Transfers.

You can see a full list of advanced qualifications below:

Awarding Body Qualification / Membership
CFA Institute CFA Program
Chartered Insurance
Chartered Financial Planner
Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment Certified Financial Planner
Chartered Wealth Manager
Certificate in Advanced Financial Planning
Certificate in Pension Transfers & Planning Advice
Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice & Management
Diploma in Corporate Finance
Diploma in Financial Planning
Diploma in Wealth Management
European Financial Planning Association  European Financial Adviser
The Pensions Management Institute Fellow
The London Institute of Banking & Finance
(formally The Institute of Financial Services)
Chartered Associateship
Advanced Diploma in Financial Advice (Adv DipFA)
Financial Planning in Retirement (FPIR)
Award in Pension Transfers (AwPETR)
Personal Finance Society Fellow
Manchester Metropolitan University MSc Financial Planning and Business Management

If you think that we should add a qualification to our advanced list, please email us at with the subject line "Advanced Qualifications"

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