Why don't I show up in search listings?

If you do not appear in search listings at all, it is most likely to be due to the following: 

  • Starter Membership. You are currently on a starter membership, which means that you have a free profile with VouchedFor which does not allow you to benefit from all the aspects of our Verified or Unlimited plans.
  • Verified Membership. If you are on our Verified membership and have reached your enquiry quota, you will no longer show up as available to contact in the search listings by default. You may be interested in switching to our Unlimited membership, where each direct enquiry is paid for, but uncapped. Contact us to learn more about this and whether it would work for you.
  • You have paused your enquiries. You may have your enquiries paused (for example, from being on holiday). To check this, please log in to your account, select the Enquiries tab on the left and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can select to pause or make you profile available for contact again. 
  • There is an issue with your billing details. You may wish to check that the Direct Debit function has been set up correctly with your bank. 
  • Missing core services. If you are a Financial Adviser, please ensure you have selected the Investments & Savings service. If you are a Mortgage Adviser, please ensure you have selected the Mortgages service

Perhaps you do show up, but not where you would expect and this almost always comes down to number of reviews, recency of reviews and your location. Our algorithm takes many things into account but the main things are distance, review count and review recency.

We recommend advisers to continually gather reviews, best practice is to invite every client to leave you a review on VouchedFor and to opt into annual feedback (where we will automatically invite each client to review you each year).

If you do not show up in public searches and you have checked that none of the above cases apply then please do contact us on customer_service@vouchedfor.co.uk and we will look into it for you.

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