Adding your services

Guidance on selecting services on your VouchedFor profile

Any service you select for your VouchedFor profile will let consumers know this is a service you can help with.

You should only select services that you are happy to be contacted for.

You should also only select services that you yourself offer. VouchedFor profiles operate at the individual level (not the firm), so you shouldn't select any services that you personally cannot help with (even if you refer them on to a colleague within your firm). If somebody is contacting you because of your profile, reviews and great reputation, only to be passed onto somebody else, this does not provide the consumer experience expected. If it's a colleague or other professional who you pass it onto, if they are eligible, why not register them on VouchedFor too!

Please note that financial advisers must have Savings & Investments listed to show in searches. Mortgage brokers must list Mortgages as a service they offer.

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