How do we qualify enquiries?

Unfortunately, we can't qualify enquiries the same way an adviser might.

What we do instead, is try to filter out any unsuitable enquiries and capture as much detail in an enquiry form so that you have some context to go by when reaching out to prospective clients.

Most consumers that are just enquiring in their early stages might be put off by a full fact-find questionnaire in order to speak to an adviser, so we’ve tried to balance the right questions (and the right amount of questions) to ask consumers.

We also understand that some advisers prefer to qualify new business their own way, and have differing levels of qualification questions, depending on the services they offer.

Please note that some consumers may choose to contact you through the enquiry form on your profile. Unfortunately we can't guarantee any level of qualification, but we do ask that you report any unsuitable enquiries so that we can investigate them under our refund policy.

For consumers who call VouchedFor and speak to our team, or those who use our marketing platforms to submit an enquiry, we do ask a number of questions to help with context.

1) Correct service match - It’s important that the enquiries you receive are relevant to you, so we do check what kind of service the consumer requires so we can match them to an adviser that can actually help them.

2) Valid contact details - We ask for contact details for every consumer (a UK phone number and an email address). We also verify all phone numbers using a 3rd party system to check they are valid and live.

3) Spam - Wherever we can, we will try to filter out any spam or marketing enquiries before they reach you.

4) Duplicate - We'll try to identify consumers who may already be a client of yours or who are already speaking to another adviser within your firm.

We also capture some other details that we hope will help you understand the client’s circumstances.


We ask consumers:

  • whether they are looking to mortgage or remortgage
  • their deposit amount (or existing mortgage balance)
  • annual combined income of all applicants
  • purchase price
  • when they are looking to apply for their mortgage

We do not check or ask for any source of income, details of expenditure, age (or required term) or adverse credit history.


We ask consumers:

  • what kind of pension advice they're looking for
  • do they require a specialist pension adviser (for schemes such as Defined Benefit)
  • total wealth level

We do not refer any enquiries where the pension value is less than your minimum wealth criteria. We also do not process enquiries for state pensions or government pensions (such as a teacher’s pension) or if the client just wants free pension advice.


We ask consumers:

  • what they're looking to do with their savings/investments
  • total wealth level

We do not refer any enquiries where the savings/investment value is less than your minimum wealth criteria, or where the consumer is looking for short-term investments, selling or buying individual shares, or if the client is just looking for free investment advice.

Equity Release

We ask consumers:

  • what their property value is
  • the amount they're looking to release
  • are they over 55 years of age

Tax Advice

We ask the client to confirm if they are looking for business tax advice or personal tax advice, and also what kind of service they're looking for (i.e. IHT)

Legal Advice

We ask the client to confirm what area of legal advice they are seeking.

Please note:

For enquiries that we take over the phone, the client may provide other details about their individual circumstances which we may share with you on the enquiry form. There may be occasions where we contact you directly to run through an unusual scenario with you to determine if you can help, before sending through the enquiry to you.

We understand not all enquiries may be suitable or may convert. A refund may be requested for any enquiries you feel are unsuitable but some circumstances where an enquiry does not convert may not fit within our criteria.

Please refer to our Enquiry Refund Policy for more information.

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