Where do enquiries come through?

There are a number of ways enquiries come through to VouchedFor professionals.

The enquirer uses the enquiry form on your VouchedFor profile  

If an enquiry comes through this way, it means the consumer wants to contact you directly to discuss further.

On the form, the consumer will have the option to provide context about what they're looking for and hopefully how you can help.

The enquirer calls the number on your VouchedFor profile

If an enquirer likes the look of your profile, they may decide to dial the number on your profile. These calls come through to our Customer Operations Team who are on hand to gather some additional information and filter out any clearly unsuitable enquiries, such as spam or marketing.

The team will also ensure that the service the enquirer is looking for is a service you've said you're qualified to advise on.

The enquirer puts an enquiry through one of our partner sites  

We work with partners such as The Independent or Money to the Masses to power their professional search listings.

Consumers may come across your profile on one of these sites and put a message through to you. These enquiries come through to our Customer Operations Team who will try to filter out any obvious cases of spam or unsuitable enquiries.

The team will then submit the enquiry to a suitable adviser that can help with this service.


The consumer may choose to submit their enquiry to more than one adviser through any of these enquiry avenues. Here's some more information on how this works.

Sadly, we're not able to qualify enquiries to a particular standard, or guarantee that they will proceed with their enquiry.

The questions we ask consumers are for context purposes only. Here's some more information about the questions we might ask.

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